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Our subscription runs for the year from 1st April to 31st March and is £17 per person. For new members only (not members rejoining), the cost is reduced to £10 for the period 1st September to March 31st. To join, complete the details on this form. When complete, click the Continue button and you will be able to confirm your information, print a copy and details will be sent to our Membership Secretary and acknowledgement emailed to you.

The Gift Aid Scheme boosts U3A's receipts every year.  As a registered charity, we can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your subscription, providing you pay an amount of Income Tax on your pension, interest on savings accounts and/or dividends, or Capital Gains tax, at least equal to the amount reclaimed in the tax year.  Please participate if you can.  You may cancel the declaration if your circumstances change and you no longer pay tax.

By selecting Yes, I declare that I am a UK taxpayer: please treat all subscriptions and donations that I make to Hutton U3A from the date of this declaration, until I notify you otherwise, as Gift Aid Donations.

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