Event Date Speaker Name Topic
27/09/2021 Anthony Poulton-Smith “Watling street" - Famous “Roman Road” - Why more than one and why a road years before the Empire?
06/10/2021 David Drury Hidden London: An assortment of lesser known treasures.
25/10/2021 John Merrill Walking the Essex Coastline- 250 miles
10/11/2021 Paul Barwick "The White Mouse" Tells the story of WW2 spy Nancy Wake
22/11/2021 Tim Moorey The Secrets of a Crossword Setter
08/12/2021 Philip Caine Barrow to Baghdad and back again
24/01/2022 Bobbie Darbyshire Where do novelists get their ideas from?
28/02/2022 Julian Whybra The Shakespeare Conspiracy
28/03/2022 Mark Lewis Design and Construction - Of Different Lighthouse
25/04/2022 Alan Pamphilon Mr Marconi and the birthplace of wireless 1898 to 1922
23/05/2022 Charles Lee Pompei and Herculaneum life in 79AD
27/06/2022 Saffron Summerfield When Birds sing
25/07/2022 Charlie Haylock An eccentric look at the British countryside.
26/09/2022 John Halligan 21st century revelations on the life of King Richard 111
24/10/2022 Mary Smith "A Schoolgirl's War"
28/11/2022 Tony earle The London underground from the 50's to present day.
23/01/2023 Christine Beedle "The Essex Scrubber"
27/02/2023 Lucy Allen Ship of Dreams – Tales from Titanic
27/03/2023 Siobhan Clarke "Majesty and Menace"
22/05/2023 Melanie Gibson-Barton The history of Morris Dancing
24/07/2023 George Lockwood Plants to encourage wildlife